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Unleash the power of creative in advertising with AI

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Bridge the gap between creative and media

Flashtalking provides automation to connect the silos between teams and deliver more efficient production, versioning, and distribution of creative. We enable personalization to ensure the most relevant and impactful brand message reaches the right consumer at the right moment. And we deploy intelligence for a deep understanding of what messages are connecting with different audiences and environments with granularity and transparency of data

Creative Personalization-Real Time Relevancy at scale

Design and deliver the most relevant message across any screen, format, and device. Flashtalking's omnichannel, dynamic platform is designed to help advertisers engage customers with personalized creative at scale.

Be relevant at scale

Improve marketing effectiveness by delivering the right messages at every moment.

Build creative smarter

Scale creative production with technology that eliminates manual and redundant efforts.

React in real-time

Improve message agility by making instant updates in response to changing market conditions.

Get ahead of the curve

Future-proof your retargeting and personalization campaigns for cookieless environments

Creative suite

Develop brand-specific frameworks using the tools best-suited for you—from user-friendly functionality for novice designers to more advanced customizations for more experienced producers.

Bulk version generation

Produce tens, hundreds, or thousands of display, video, and social creative variations in bulk or on the fly.

Creative Manager

Upload assets once and seamlessly distribute them across multiple channels.

Data-driven decisioning

Deliver a message that resonates across formats—display, video, and audio—and environments—open web, CTV, and social—using a wide variety of data triggers, including audience, weather, location, daypart, language, site activity, contextual, and events.

Power feeds

Use real-time feeds processing to keep creative messaging and strategy up to date without manual lift.

API integrations

Automate campaign trafficking and expedite speed to market with the click of a button enabled by ad server, DSP, and verification partner integrations.


Measure creative effectiveness from standard performance metrics to event-level data delivered directly to you.

Cross-channel efficiencies

Scale creative assets easily across channels to endlessly iterate at any cadence.

Audience & Identity

Future-proof measurement and personalization for the cookieless era

Future-proof personalization

Our platform is uniquely designed to bolster personalization with a suite of data triggers and cookieless identifiers to persist relevant messaging strategies and tactics.

Attribute performance

Accurately map a consumer's journey from ad exposures to conversions. Gain greater insights into reach, frequency, and conversion across both cookie-available and cookie-challenged environments.

Flexible framework

Choose the identity solution—or a mix of solutions—that best supports an advertiser’s strategies, applying it as the foundation for personalized messaging and measurement.

Ad Serving

Using Amazon/Sizmek? Don't wait to make the switch to Flashtalking! Advertisers rely on their ad server as the source of truth in the pursuit to verify and measure delivery and performance of media and creative. It’s the platform that aggregates and unifies data to connect customers, media, and creative. Flashtalking is the leading independent ad server for advertisers who value control of their data and wish to separate media sales from delivery and measurement across open web and CTV.

Full transparency

Flashtalking provides advertisers with privacy-compliant, user-level data for every impression and interaction.

No media-buying conflict

We deliver unbiased, independent data measurement without media-buying conflicts.

Accredited and secure

Flashtalking’s ad server is MRC-accredited, SOC2-certified, and GDPR- and CCPA/CPRA-compliant.

Fast and efficient

Our interface is optimized to be more friendly, customizable and efficient than any other ad serving platform.

Designed for personalization

Serve the most relevant ad using the interests and circumstances of the ad viewer with Flashtalking decision trees. Activate highly complex—or simple—personalization strategies across display, video, and audio.

Built for the cookieless future

Expand reach, improve accuracy, champion consumer privacy, and select the optimal ID—or IDs—for each campaign without relying on cookies.

Transparent and accurate

Take ownership of your data with independent, MRC-accredited measurement. Choose your partners and approach to analyze reach, frequency and attribution.

Integrated and API-ready

We're fully integrated with all leading ad tech partners and offer extensive APIs to connect with your preferred DMPs, DSPs, planning systems, identity providers, and measurement partners.

Fully supported

Quickly get up to speed with our comprehensive knowledge base, training programs, and expert support teams.


Flashtalking provides advanced automation and a consistent toolset for social advertising. Unleash the agility that teams need to enable growth, reach new audiences, increase relevancy, eliminate manual touchpoints, and test more easily.

Scale creative and save costs

Flexible, efficient creative frameworks that work harder across messaging, formats, and platforms ​

Reinvest in​ the team​

Connected, automated tools to reduce the creation, trafficking, and management process​

Optimize smarter, faster

Rules-based automation and​ “smart groups” to provide better optimization and control across platforms​

Increase performance​

Integrated measurement solutions to optimize and analyze audiences and creative based on brand data​

Centralized ad management across
Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Snapchat, TikTok, and X

Drive the results you need​


production savings


ROAS increase


YoY lift in revenue​

Creative Intelligence

Advertisers need to understand the impact of their creative decisions, but dynamic creative performance is often condensed to the point of ambiguity. With Flashtalking’s AI-driven Creative Intelligence solution, brands can recognize and respond to the connection between creative and audiences at scale regardless of the channel, device, or platform.

Creative Taxonomy

Develop a standardized naming convention for Creative Labels with the help of a customizable, advertiser-level taxonomy tool.​

Creative Labels​

Apply off-the-shelf or custom descriptors to creatives and versions as metadata for simpler reporting, analysis, and optimization.​


Automatically apply Creative Labels to selected creatives and versions across channels with AI.​

Creative Label Reports​

Understand the impact of individual creative elements on campaign performance with easily accessible data sets.​

Creative Optimization

More intelligently optimize campaigns based on the performance of individual elements within each creative including headlines, images, video, and more.


In 2022 CTV alone saw a 69% global increase in ad fraud according to eMarketer, meaning brands are at risk of wasting valuable ad dollars on inflated impressions and inaccurate reporting metrics. As ad fraud sophistication advances, nascent, high-CPM digital channels like CTV and OTT are particularly vulnerable. As the leading independent global ad server, Flashtalking is uniquely positioned to be the trusted, objective third-party evaluator of media quality on behalf of advertisers. Leverage our suite of actionable verification services to build inventory quality across desktop, mobile web, in-app, and most importantly, CTV/OTT.

With the partnership of Protected Media, Flashtalking proudly stands as the sole independent ad server accredited for sophisticated invalid traffic (IVT) detection and filtration in the OTT space, filling a critical gap for advertisers seeking essential verification safeguards. Enhance the impact of your digital media campaigns with our comprehensive global suite of verification tools. Our sophisticated IVT detection and viewability capabilities span across Desktop, Mobile Web, In-App, and CTV/OTT environments, with brand safety features coming soon.

Achieve operational efficiency and business simplification by automating the verification workflow, which accelerates speed-to-market and reduces trafficking errors. Additionally, bundle verification services with global ad serving to achieve cost efficiencies and reduce the administrative burden of managing multiple vendor relationships.

Configure customized reporting dashboards with your own specific verification metrics, or Flashtalking can provide you with customized verification reporting to support your KPIs.


We believe advertisers should have the freedom to choose partners. Our open, integrated ad tech stack minimizes friction between your ad tech ecosystem partners, including your preferred DMPs, DSPs, planning systems, walled gardens, and identity and measurement providers.

Who can use Flashtalking?

Flashtalking offers its services to advertisers and agencies managing digital campaigns. Our creative tools are designed for those who create advertisements, while APIs and data feeds are readily accessible to advertisers and their partners.