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Escape Velocity is Sizmek by Amazon’s preferred reseller and services partner. Our team has been providing services to Sizmek by Amazon’s customers for over 12 years in markets across India, the Middle East, APAC, Europe and North America.

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We bring a deep expertise across the entire product stack at Sizmek by Amazon.


Campaign Management

Escape brings with it a strong background in campaign management. We work with our customers to define and manage KPIs for their marketing goals, whether these KPIs are increasing brand awareness, increasing site traffic, lead generation or simply revenue growth.

Campaign management consists of three phases: planning, development and execution. We help you through each stage of your campaign management lifecycle.

Leveraging Sizmek by Amazon’s world class product capabilities along with our understanding of digital media management, we can help you streamline your campaign management lifecycle.

Creative Services

Escape brings with it a deep understanding of the creative development process around the Sizmek by Amazon platform.

We work with our customers to recommend creatives that align with campaign objectives and budget.

We specialise in the creation of rich media, interactive, impact banners/videos and Dynamic Creatives across mobile, desktop and connected TV

Listed below are some of the services provided by Escape:

  • Conceptualization and development of high impact rich media ad formats for all channels
  • Mock-up development for complex bespoke concepts
  • Banner adaptation services
  • API driven banners for real-time weather, sports events or game-like user interactions
  • Landing page, mini-site and widget development
  • Development of virtual-reality as well as augmented-reality
  • End-to-end development support for advertisers and agencies

Dynamic Creative Optimization

Dynamic creative optimization often referred to as DCO is an advertising technology to create personalized and engaging display ads with use of data, rules and optimization algorithms. DCO is where data and creativity meet to provide personalized messages that drive better results for our advertisers using strategies such as geo-targeting, retargeting, keyword, sequential and CTA optimization.


Measuring performance of online advertising campaigns is extremely crucial for any brand to understand if their desired goals are being met. In a highly competitive market, understanding data becomes even more vital for better planning, execution and optimization.

Analytics help users make sense of large volumes of data to uncover actionable insights.

Campaign Management
Creative Services
Dynamic Creative Optimization

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